Tuesday, July 16, 2013

College Seminar Course

This upcoming school year I will be teaching one section of a senior class called College Seminar.  This class will focus on the college admissions process and the transition from high school to life after high school.  In the past, I have taught a course called Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) for seniors.  This course focused on the college admissions process as well as the transition piece that I mentioned.

I plan to structure the class in three parts: 1).  College Admissions, 2). Financial Aid, and 3). Transition.  Within these parts will be sub topics such as public and private/independent college applications, scholarships, FAFSA, resume, interviewing skills, dorm life, and some other topics.  This is the initial plan.

Although I am excited, I am a little scared.  It is like when my students apply to college.  I have not taught in 5 years so I need to write a syllabus and brainstorm how I imagine I want the class to go with procedure and all.  It is going to be exciting to see what I come with.

Have you or do you teach a college seminar course that focuses on the college admissions process?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Counseling Goodies for Anger

Do you ever wander to and through the $1 section of target?  In the past, I have always looked that way, but reading other blogs and the great finds they encounter prompted me to take a look one day.  Since that day, I always stop by the section.  

I have a few students who need some help with anger management.  For example, a class mate will say something that the student does not like and next thing that I know, the student is in my office very upset.  Usually, I will talk with the student right away, but I find resistance because the student is not ready to talk.  I have been thinking about goodies to help students calm down and that would be appropriate for high school students.  I came across a blog post about calming doodads here Entirely Elementary , ( I love this blog!).  I may even use some of these ideas in the future.  

I want to be more creative with the students when it comes to teaching new skills instead of just giving them hand outs and workbooks to complete.  

I came across these funny fellas or gals.  They are nice and squishy. 

I was at Walmart yesterday and found these tubs of "Play Clay" for 75 cents each.  At a professional development meeting a couple of months back the principal had the faculty mold their biggest fear out of play- do or clay.  It was therapeutic for me.  I can have the students mold something when they are calming down.  

What are some calming doodads that you recommend?