Thursday, October 3, 2013

College Counseling Bulletin Board

It’s been a little bit since I blogged, but I have been busy trying to keep my head above water.  Currently, I am notifying parents of their student’s academic progress while planning for College Seminar, Advisory, college application workshops and personal counseling sessions. The next step in the academic intervention plan is to meet with the 10th grade students who are failing 3 or more classes and their parents.  Our school provides workshops on Saturdays for parents so that helps with the intervention.  I am also planning to do a “Coffee with the Counselor” three times a year to hopefully meet and get to know the parents who need extra support.  But, I am so excited to share the bulletin board I put together!

This year, I made it a goal to put together an “interactive” bulletin board.  This means, that I add and delete information for students as the year goes on.  Right now, the counseling department has one bulletin board.  I am thinking about “creating” a bulletin board on the wall next to the counseling office to provide reminders and tips for students.

The bulletin board has the following information:
  •       Standardized testing information (SAT/ACT deadlines and test dates)
  •       College Fly-In Program information for seniors
  •       Scholarship and enrichment program information (this is switched out by deadlines)
  •       Important college deadlines
  •       College spotlight-I feature a college every month
  •       Upcoming Events-College preview days, open houses, information sessions.

 Here are some pictures.
A view of the whole bulletin board

Scholarships/Enrichment Program Pockets

College Spotlight

I love this bulletin board and how often I catch students looking at it and even taking information out of the pockets! I am thinking about putting together a bulletin board for the college standardized testing!

What types of bulletin boards do you put together?    

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