Monday, November 3, 2014

Red Ribbon Week 2014

This year’s Red Ribbon Week theme was “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.”  Each year, we have Red Ribbon Week the week of the annual college fair.  Each day had a theme along with Advisory competitions. 

Theme Days
Day 1 Red Out Drugs! Wear Red Accessories. Pledge Day. 
Day 2 Band Together Against Drugs. Wear favorite music band t shirt.
Day 3 College Day.  College Fair.
Day 4 Titans Say No to Drugs! Wear school gear.
Day 5 Scare Away Drugs. Crazy Hair Day. 

Advisory classes were able to win points for each day. The winning Advisory will receive a prize, which is still in the works. 

Door Decorating Contest
The door decorating contest is an annual tradition.  I had 4 categories this year: Most Creative, Interesting Content, Best use of a Halloween or Fall theme, and Overall. The administrators judged the doors. 

Red Ribbon Week Pledge
I like to come up with something each year for students and staff to write their drug free pledge.  Since this year’s theme was “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free” I created a heart, and had each student write his/her name, grade level, Advisory teacher and what he/she loved most about himself/herself.  Last year’s theme was college so the students’ pledge was a pennant. 

Drug Awareness Facts
I used the Daily Bulletin to insert a fact each day about statistics and teenagers. 

Workshop for students
A guest speaker presented to the students after school on Friday to close Red Ribbon Week.  It is an organization called Fresh Start and they coordinate the presentation for our students and they also present to parents. 

In the midst of college applications, planning a college fair and planning Red Ribbon Week I forgot to take pictures of the signs the students created for each day and some examples of the doors.  I promise the doors were outstanding. 

If you’re looking to coordinate a Red Ribbon Week next year, let me know.  I have my forms created and I’d be happy to share.  At the same time, I am looking for new, fresh ideas for next year and a way to get the entire school excited. 

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