Monday, August 12, 2013

First week of school...

The first week of school was so busy and I am still getting the senior handbooks in order so that they can be distributed to the seniors soon.  Scheduling consumed my first week back to work and I am in the process of getting scholarships and enrichment program information together.  I feel like I have a to do list running in my head and a separate one on paper.  As I write this blog post, I am thinking about another task I need to get done for my 10th grade students.  I have some goals for this school year to keep me on track.

My goals for this school year are:

1). Manage caseload of students for individual counseling- see students at least every other week
2). Group counseling groups based on needs assessment-at least two groups
3). Large counseling lessons on a as needed bases-at request from teacher (study skills, organization, time management, bullying, conflict, etc.)
4).  Minute-Meetings at least twice a year-this way I get to touch base with all of the students on my caseload.
5).  Coffee with the Counselor- for parents/guardians to get acquainted with me and the counseling program. I would like to do this twice a semester.
6).  Career Cafe- A supplement to the annual Career Day

I always wonder how other high school counselors manage individual and group counseling. A need every year is meeting with students who are failing their courses.  I still would like to meet with them individually, but would like to also meet with them in a large group in order to address more students at one time. Ideally, I would like these students to be partnered with a buddy.

Also, this year I am going to focus on personal/social concerns based on self, teacher and parent referrals.  I have built rapport with many students and will continue counseling for them.  

I hope with these goals that I can meet with more students and

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