Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm Still Here...

I always get excited to see if my favorite school counselor blogs have new posts so I figure I finally write one.  As mentioned before, I teach one period of a class called "College Seminar."  I have spent all year trying to catch up with lesson plans and grading.  I slightly forgot about how much time goes into planning.  Next year, I am not going to teach because I want to focus on obtaining LPCC hours. I mention this because it has consumed me no matter how much I plan ahead.

There’s a couple of topics that I did not get to write about such as Coffee with the Counselor, Red Ribbon Week and how the first College Spotlight went. Plus, my planning system completely changed as I am now using a $10 planner from Target.  I still use some of the original planner sections to keep track of individual counseling and parent meetings, but that is about all for now.  I am still debating on the Erin Condren planner.

I want to share the Cyberbullying bulletin board that I have been working on for a couple of weeks.  I vowed to do more bulletin boards and before this only had one up.  One of my administrators approached the counselors to create information regarding Cyberbullying.  One counselor created a brochure, another parent workshops and I created a bulletin board.  The bulletin board is filled with statistics, pictures, and information regarding Cyberbullying.  Also, Pintrest inspired me for the “Before You” and “Is It” sections of the bulletin board.  I work in a high school where students are very savvy at social media.  However, the adults on campus are becoming even savvier at catching inappropriate posts online and stopping something potentially serious.  Actually, in January the principal wanted monthly themes and a focus for each Monday.  I came up with the name “Monday Matters” because I always dread Mondays and feel the most sluggish, but I also try to put a positive on this day because I am so grateful to come to work.  March’s theme is “Honor & Integrity.”  I provide teachers a topic for Monday and a quick activity to do with their Advisory class.  One of these Mondays students will discuss safety in technology. 

I see a lot of students stop and read the bulletin that I created at the beginning the school year so I hope students take the time to stop and read the Cyberbullying bulletin board.  I found something interesting online that says “Stop, Block and Tell.”  This is easy for students to do.  We’re lucky at our campus because students will go to an adult to ask for help. 

I am so excited to attend the Share, Learn Connect hosted by WACAC next Friday! 

Like always I hope to post a lot more.  Have a good one!

 *Credit to my teacher assistants for helping me create and cut out the words and images.  They did an awesome job! 

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