Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Organization Me!

Today and tomorrow the 10th grade students are CAHSEE testing and I have a little bit of time to organize my College Seminar papers and desk area.  While I was organizing, I thought, “Why not post about an organization organizer I created yesterday?” 

Currently, I am reviewing skills with my College Seminar course.  The skills include studying, note taking, test taking, organization, and motivation.  We have already reviewed time management and note taking.  Now, it is on to the organization piece.  Last week in class, one of my students was complaining how unorganized she was.  I said, “Empty your backpack and organize your papers and binder.”  She did just that and had a sense of relief by the time she was finished. 

I can teach organization and as long as students use the tools they will be successful at it.  When I was teaching the AVID course, binder organization and checks was a significant part of the student’s grade.  It pays to be organized because this is a simple to step to success. 

I found an hands on activity online for students but I wanted something for students to reflect and outline.  I created a graphic organizer with topics related to being organized.  This is a great lead into a discussion and even can go beyond to group work and sharing out.  I will use it to introduce students to not only organization, but also overcoming procrastination and staying motivated. 

Any suggestions for games for high school students to use in individual counseling or college counseling?  I would like to create something….

Until the next blog post!

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