Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to School...What's in my school counselor bag?

It is back to work for me tomorrow.  I have a week of professional development meetings and then the students’ first day is August 3rd.  I want to share some of the items that I carry to and from work.  It is always neat to learn what others carry in their bag.

Here I go…


Fossil Crossbody Messenger Bag Keyper style

This Fossil bag was available years ago and I remember thinking, “Oh, I will just get it later.”  Later came and the style was discontinued.  I found it on ebay for half of the retail price.  The bag is big enough and structured, with pockets, to fit my needs.  I am able to carry my work lap top, a notebook, work planner, wallet, pouch with essentials, and other small items.  It is not heavy with all of these things either, which is great for me. 

Here is a link, but you can find used ones as well.  I did not pay this much, but that is a good price for a new one since the retail is about $120.

What I Carry Inside?

Of course I carry my work lap top.  I carry it with me in case I need to answer emails from home, but I really do not work from home all that much. 

1).  Planner

This year, I decided to go with a Plum Paper Plannr-Large Teacher Planner.
As a high school counselor I have a lost of tasks and this planner will help me stayed organized with my tasks.  There’s enough room for me to write and organize. I love personalization so having my name on the planner is a bonus.

2). Notebook

I always have to have some kind of note book to write notes or lists.  These notes would be the ones that do not fit in my planner or do not belong there.  Ideas pop into my head all of the time so this is a great way to keep track of all of them.  I used this notebook a couple of years ago. Instead of buying a brand new notebook, I took out the pages I did not need.  Plus, it is purple and metallic. Cute!

3). File Folders

Yes, I do not take work home all that often but sometimes I do have projects that I need to work on at home.  I carry this information in these folders.  Right now, I am not sure how I am going to organize these folders (besides what I just mentioned) but as the year goes on they will have a purpose. 

4). Wallet

This is the perfect wallet for work. Instead of carrying a work bag and purse, I have this wallet. The wallet also holds my cell phone! A wonderful co worker gifted me the wallet and it is still available at Target and in so many different colors and patterns.

5). Pouch

I subscribe to IPSY, which provides small sample or travel size beauty products for $10 a month.  I have been subscribed for over a year and have collected many bags.  I use this bag to carry some items I may need while I am at work.  These small bags are great to carry medication, gum, lip gloss, pens, post its…The list can go on and on. The bag also helps with not letting small items go 
“missing” in my bag. 

Inside of my bag 

That is everything that I carry in my work bag.  What is in your work bag? 

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