Sunday, August 9, 2015

Plum Paper Large Teacher Planner

I am always on the search for the perfect work planner. Often, I get inspiration from blogs and Facebook. Sometimes I am tempted to make my own.  It is so interesting to see how other school counselors use their planners.  Some use an Erin Condren Life Planner or teacher planner, a Plum Paper Planner, a planner from Target, or some other glorious kind of planner.  I'd thought I share how I will use my Plum Paper Larger Teacher Planner from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy.  

Every year I search for the perfect planner to use for school counseling.  Usually, I change my planner mid year and this past year I stayed with the same planner. I love planners!  The only thing missing from my previous planner was a monthly view. I found that I need a large section, each day for lists.  As a high school counselor, I have many tasks.  I think I found what I need in a Plum Paper Large Teacher Planner. 

I came across Plum Paper Designs in one of my Erin Condren Facebook groups.  I did not want to spend money on an Erin Condren Teacher planner so after researching Plum Paper Designs, I decided to go with that company. Next, was deciding which planner I wanted.  Plum Paper Designs has various options such as the regular planner with options of four layouts, family planner, monthly planner, student planner and much much more.  I almost went with the regular planner with the all lines option.  However, I like the size of the Large Teacher Planner.  There’s more room for all of my lists and it has the monthly view. 
Monthly View
I use the monthly view to write down school events, school professional development days, off campus professional development days, holidays, and track sick days. 

Weekly View
Our principal asks us quite frequently what our highlight of the week was.  Since the days, weeks and months blur together at various points thoroughout the year, I’d like to remember what I did.  I am trying to be in the moment more instead of going going going. 

I am going to divide the days by the school day schedule. We have a block schedule so each period will have two squares.  I plan to use this planner for personal use as well since having two planners will be too much for me so I am going to leave a section on the bottom just for that. 

The weekly checklist and prep work sections will be used to be a running list of things to do for week.  They will be things I need to do sometime during the week and not on a particular day. 

Year at a Glance

I cannot wait to put down all of the counseling events, college visits, bulltetin board themes, and other events I need to know for the year. 


These are supposed to be for grading but since I do not grade, I am going to use this section for tracking different tasks that my students complete throughout the year.  Also, I may have a small case load of students I will meet with for personal counseling and the checklist can be a place where I can track the meetings. 

Notes Section

There’s a note page before and after each month and I plan to use these pages as more notes for the month. 

I paid a couple of dollars more to put a notes sections at the back of the planner for professional developments notes, conference notes and any meeting notes. 

The planner is definitely large and bulky, but I love the quality and the space.  The colors are sophisticated and there is so much room for all of my planning. What planner are you using this school year?  

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