Saturday, May 25, 2013

Workbook for Teens Resource

The end of the school year is soon approaching! Only 9 more days until the last day of school.  Currently, I am working on a list of ideas that I would like to implement next year.  Even though the students' last day of school is in 9 nine days, my last day is June 28th.  That means, senior college planning meetings, cleaning the counseling office, organizing and planning, planning, planning.  

I want to share a resource workbook that I came across in my search for anxiety and stress activities for individual counseling sessions.  Structured activities work best for my practice as a counselor and I have found that they keep my counseling sessions on track and the students can follow them easily.  

The workbook for teens series was created by Lisa M. Schab, LCSW.  I purchased the anxiety, self- esteem and anger workbooks. I plan to purchase the stress reduction workbook in the future.  Many of my high school students have a difficult time managing stress.  There's also a bullying, shyness, ADHD, social success, executive functioning, DBT skills for mood, and depression workbook.  They are affordable, costing between $11.00 and $30.00.  I only bought 3 workbooks because they were the topics I encounter more frequently and I was not sure how effective they would be.  

Currently,  I am using the anger workbook with a student I meet with for personal counseling once a week.  The activities are manageable and easy to follow.  The workbook encourages homework so that the teen can continue to work on the skill.  The anger workbook consists of 36 activities.

Once I get more familiar with these workbooks, I may be able to adapt them to small group counseling in the future.  These workbooks are also great for parents to use with their teen.  

I enjoy finding resources to use with students and sharing these resources with other counselors.  

I am always looking for resources for high school students.  What are your suggestions? 

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